Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fabulous Five

Neil Pardington
- his work in the series The Clinic shows the sterile environment of hospitals and the idea of what hospitals are supposed to be like.

Operating Theatre #1 2003LED / C-Print

Matt Siber - Matt takes any word identification a person has with an object, removes it from the picture, forcing the viewer to rely solely on color, shape, and form. He then adds the text in a new document, extracting the color, shape and form, repeating the identification process without the image.
Untitled 3 2002 from The Untitled Project

Martin Buday - In his Blandscape series, he shows of the bland, boring, and uneventful landscapes people have. This photograph is one of my favorites due to the uses of bright color and strategic placement of houses and the picnic table.
The Picnic Table Hattaras Island, NC 2003 from the Blandscape series

Jen Davis - Her work is awesome!! She photographs herself, showing what it is like to be a plus sized woman in today's world. Her fantasy portraits show her fantasies: what it's like to be with a man in a "normal" relationship.
Fantasy no. 2 2005 from the series Self-Portraits

Beth Yarnelle Edwards - Beth shows off examples of suburban living, for those who don't live it, and capture it in the most perfect way. Every aspect of her photographs are detailed, and yet slightly humorous.
From the series suburban dreams

All of these photographers are considered contemporary by their use of subject. All subjects pertain to the contemporary world, all deal with issues that a person today could understand to the fullest.

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