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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Art Trucks

Masaru Tatsuki he has a book with photo eye as well.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"In Search of the Miraculous"

Dutch/Californian artist Bas Jan Ader was last seen in 1975 when he took off in what would have been the smallest sailboat ever to cross the Atlantic.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Throwing Cats


Emerging philly artist

Philadelphia Emerging Photographer

Hannah Price
and her images from her series Resemblance

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009


Aaron P. McElroy


visual media

Jubilee Line - By Tim Hope

A colin Levy short

Short film by Monkmus (in the Air)

The Wolfman - Tim Hope


Next Week October 19 - 25

"Two Men in the Woods" . From the series Crusing
© Chad States

As mentioned, we will not be having class next Monday October 19. Instead you will each be required to take a pilgrimage to Philadelphia and visit the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center. The current show, Next: Emerging Philadelphia Photographers, features 21 Philadelphia based photographers.

I would like each of you to write (2) one page response papers. The first should be on one of the photographers work specifically, and the second should address the show as a whole. For the second paper, think about our past readings, and feel free to speculate as to why the curator chose the work that they did. Why were they drawn to those particular photographers, is there cohesion of working methods/styles/etc, or is it a diverse survey of current photographic work being made in Philadelphia?

I would also strongly recommend if you are going all the way to Philly to check out the current shows at Gallery 339 and Vox Populi as well. Be safe and have fun!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mosberg Banga - 'killing fields'

Mosberg Banga is a Rapper from south Philadelphia, he has been working to release his first full album for some time now. I shot this video for him last summer in south philly, and recently it was screened Peach Tree film festival in Atlanta.

4 more

Adam Golfer

Lauren Greenfield

Ryan McGinley

Anna Gaskell

"Grow up already!"

recent visual aids

business is war film

Jarmusch's film Dead Man

and gus van sant's elephant


1. Steven Hoskins
2. Moi and B.K.
3.Donald O'Finn
4. Martyn Blundell

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Jen Davis - Ascension 2002

Jenny Saville - Close Contact No. 4

Irving Penn - Nude No. 1 1950

Edward Weston - Back of Nude 1927

Andrea Modica - Barbara 2001

5 more

Neila Kun cyanotyped several pieces clothing 

Karen Savage also did contact prints of clothing

There wasn't really wasn't a name attached to this piece but there was a blog with others similar 

And of course there is the one that gave cyanotypes they're kick start Anna Atkins

Chad States - I am drawn to his form of composition, as well as his use of lighting that I can relate to.

Noah Webb
- His naturally posed models and his use of color of a group of "People" photographs.

Phillip Toledano
-I like his use of lighting in this photograph from his series called "Phone Sex"

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fabulous Five

Neil Pardington
- his work in the series The Clinic shows the sterile environment of hospitals and the idea of what hospitals are supposed to be like.

Operating Theatre #1 2003LED / C-Print

Matt Siber - Matt takes any word identification a person has with an object, removes it from the picture, forcing the viewer to rely solely on color, shape, and form. He then adds the text in a new document, extracting the color, shape and form, repeating the identification process without the image.
Untitled 3 2002 from The Untitled Project

Martin Buday - In his Blandscape series, he shows of the bland, boring, and uneventful landscapes people have. This photograph is one of my favorites due to the uses of bright color and strategic placement of houses and the picnic table.
The Picnic Table Hattaras Island, NC 2003 from the Blandscape series

Jen Davis - Her work is awesome!! She photographs herself, showing what it is like to be a plus sized woman in today's world. Her fantasy portraits show her fantasies: what it's like to be with a man in a "normal" relationship.
Fantasy no. 2 2005 from the series Self-Portraits

Beth Yarnelle Edwards - Beth shows off examples of suburban living, for those who don't live it, and capture it in the most perfect way. Every aspect of her photographs are detailed, and yet slightly humorous.
From the series suburban dreams

All of these photographers are considered contemporary by their use of subject. All subjects pertain to the contemporary world, all deal with issues that a person today could understand to the fullest.


Trish Morrisssey

By referencing and parodying old norms of vernacular photography it becomes something completely new.

Eve Fowler

This photographer deals with many cultural issues of femininity, masculinity, and variances in sexuality.

Whitney Hubbs

After so much exposure to technologically influenced and digitally altered photography in art, and the culture at large; I feel a lo-fi approach is refreshing and in a strange way, new. That is within the context of modern photography as a whole.

Abe Morell

He has taken one of the oldest photographic techniques and by implementing color has composed a contemporary take on the method of the camera obscura.

Sarah Kalagvano

Referencing photographs of centerfolds within this photograph creates an awkwardness between the subject and her surroundings.

5 photos

Julia fullerton
Playful use of scale. Contemporary photography is often violent and disorienting.

luke gilford
Abstracted oil slick looks like nebula. Non representational photography all the rage lately.

aaron gustafson
Found photograph scanned. (photo of a photo). Brings up idea of fading memory and photo as artifact. Half destroyed quality calls attention to the fragility of such memories/arifacts.

Bernis earle
unusual pigment print looks like mixed media. no mention of it though. must be photoshopped. not sure. Unusual use of black blob as ominous dark cloud
has psychological impact. strange.

bettina pousttchi

high contrast security camera like image. big brother imagery calls attention to reduced privacy in contemporary society.