Monday, October 12, 2009

Next Week October 19 - 25

"Two Men in the Woods" . From the series Crusing
© Chad States

As mentioned, we will not be having class next Monday October 19. Instead you will each be required to take a pilgrimage to Philadelphia and visit the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center. The current show, Next: Emerging Philadelphia Photographers, features 21 Philadelphia based photographers.

I would like each of you to write (2) one page response papers. The first should be on one of the photographers work specifically, and the second should address the show as a whole. For the second paper, think about our past readings, and feel free to speculate as to why the curator chose the work that they did. Why were they drawn to those particular photographers, is there cohesion of working methods/styles/etc, or is it a diverse survey of current photographic work being made in Philadelphia?

I would also strongly recommend if you are going all the way to Philly to check out the current shows at Gallery 339 and Vox Populi as well. Be safe and have fun!

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